Property Services PWSC (Pete & Stephanie)

Property Services PWSC Email via Contact Page thanks Please visit Specialised Cat Enclosures Built for many happier Secure Fur Babies including some dogs.
Recycled Glass Entrance and Bench with Laserlite Cover
New Front Entrance
New Custom Fire Place Tiling
Specialist Large Cat Fun enclosures using gates, support poles & near invisible cat netting.
Specialist Cat Fun enclosures using
Enclosing side yard off inc Safety Edges for steps B&B
Cat Enclosure Accessories
Custom Made Gates
Custom Screens Painted & Installed

William Jones 21.05.2020 10:22

excellent photos must call you in sometime & fix my garden

Al 03.04.2020 00:30

Great stuff here Pete. A bit different to sweeping the dead electrons out of those huge valves eh what? Allan W

Pete PWSC Handy Services 04.04.2020 03:48

Thanks Al. Many happier more secure cats in Tassie including their Slaves.

Anne 22.07.2019 09:09

Hi I’m interested in a pet door possibility one for a sliding door. I’m in the Gagebrook area do you service that area?

John Swords 27.04.2016 01:51

Great workmanship Pete! John Swords

john 31.10.2015 21:08

Impressive Pete!

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Latest comments

01.01 | 05:33

Thanks Cilla & her slave Annie. Cat enclosures have many benefits.

01.01 | 03:45

Cilla & her slave are really happy with our new fully enclosed yard. It's robust, finished with great attention to detail & looks great. Many thanks, Pete!

06.07 | 22:59

We are so happy with the converted courtyard, and our three fur babies are just delighted to get an outdoor playground that they can access whenever they like. Pete with his attention to detail, really considering what the cats would enjoy when designing

21.05 | 10:22

excellent photos must call you in sometime & fix my garden