Handy Man Mag DEC10

Garden Moon Gate

Refurbish old Bench, Reuse Counter Glass for attractive entrance, Cover Porch with LaserLite

Fence Railing with Rope

Replace Front Door

Replace Entire Front Entrance

Build Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall & Fence Extension

Bistro Blinds

Garden Features

Custom Made Garden Storage

Sealing Concrete

Landscape Steps

Electronics Installation

Custom Herb Beds

Water Features

Garden Screens

Lighted Garden Features

Japanese Archway and Path

Garden Pavers & Customised Hand Rail Poles

Moon Gate

Backyard Decking

Custom Made Steel Frame Gates

Custom Made Dual Steel Frame Gates

Special Made USA Mail Box

Cover for Pool Pump

Mini Deck Made for a View

Tiling Fire Places

New Solid Door Older House

Assembly Flatpaks from large Basketball Rings to Treadmills

Custom Made & Painted Fottress Gate

Specialised Mini Landscaping

Custom made Handrail installed



Specially Built mini ramp

Refurbishment of Parking fence

New Polycarbonate sheeting

Cat Oscillot (top of fence & gates) fun area

More Laundry Storage space including complete repaint

Toilet Cistern Refurbishment

Bunk converted into Student Bench

Small side garden storage area with shelving & roofing

Specialised Fottress Made Gate with Horizontal Modwood (no painting or staining); opens both ways

Custom made Fottress Gate with Modwood (no painting oiling) & side fence to stop local bush visitors eating rear garden. JUN15

Part of dog & cat enclosure; double eko (recycled plastic) wood fortress gates

Rear Privacy Screen for private outside bath with optional Shade Sail covering. Lauderdale NOV19

Supply Paint Hang External door, Quality Cat door, Oil filled hinges, New Door Set, Lower weathershield. Above door canopy to protect door from rain & sun. DEC20

Ms Elke here. Thanks for viewing my slave's work. PS No catnetting for me; I can't get out!!

Work Completed for Happy Customers

last update 27 Dec20

Linda 13.02.2017 03:14

Hi Pete, thanks for the great work getting our cat enclosure done for our 2 Maine Coons. They love it!!

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01.01 | 05:33

Thanks Cilla & her slave Annie. Cat enclosures have many benefits.

01.01 | 03:45

Cilla & her slave are really happy with our new fully enclosed yard. It's robust, finished with great attention to detail & looks great. Many thanks, Pete!

06.07 | 22:59

We are so happy with the converted courtyard, and our three fur babies are just delighted to get an outdoor playground that they can access whenever they like. Pete with his attention to detail, really considering what the cats would enjoy when designing

21.05 | 10:22

excellent photos must call you in sometime & fix my garden