NOV14 Rose See More soon :)

Side of House. Japanese Arch & Board Walk.

Winter Front Entrance

Rear Corner Yard Japanese Gazebitt

Front LHS yard

Dry Creek Bed

Moon Gate in remembrance of a great Chess Mate Cliff RIP OCT17

Front House View

Rear yard Guard Cat Ms Elke

Rear Corner of yard with Huon Pine to the right

Rear Garden OCT15

Viewing Rear Lawn towards House OCT15

Round Seat Rear Grassed Area OCT14

Breaky View Mt Wellington

Front Porch Spring Flowering

Chloe Rose view

Chloe in the Rose Jardin @Night SEP14

Some of the many Roses

Ms Elke inspecting rear yard


Rear Gazebitt Cup Water Feature @Night

Rear Side Yard @Night with Lights SEP14

Japanese Entrance lit up @Night SEP14

Rear Drying Court; Buddha's Domain

Mini Retaining wall with refurbished Solar Light now Low Voltage LED

Moon Gate SEP14 with Warrior Statue (Michoemoto)

Steph's Herb Garten; Yumbo Goddies

SEP14 View over Derwent River with Claremont Golf course

One of Mum's Japanese Maples SEP14

Rear Grassed Garten SEP14

SEP14 View from rear corner Garden

SEP14 Rear Corner Viewing area

Mini Retaining wall with Refurbished solar light now LED

SEP14 Ms Elke on Inspection Tour

Ms Elke. I'm in charge here.

Rot Bolards Front Yard

SEP14 Lantern Front yard

SEP14 Scupltures Rear Grassed Yard

Pan in his Prime

Early water Feature Rear Deck

SEP14 Mushroom Patch or renamed Merkaat area (see Molly Merkaat)

Meerkaats breeding; Front Guard OCT14

Frontyard Spring 14

Elke Watchcat on Guard

Japanese Lantern View OCT14

Wysteria about to Flower OCT14

Light my Life up Merekaat

OCT14 Side Boardwalk

Rear Yard Steps OCT14

Side Fence To Be Named?? OCT14

Compost area OCT14

NOV14 Chloe with her Roses

Pan singing a garden Tune

Breeding Meerkaats

NOV14 Our Special Huon Pine Rear Yard

NOV14 Fountain Maple

NOV14 Thanks for viewing; more to come

Side Fence in Flower NOV14

CCC Corner Compost Centre mit Karl the Guardian Gnome NOV14

3 Aug15 Snow Morning

Snow Shoes needed Aug15

Solar Light Tower (for the night creatures) OCT15

Steph's Garlic & Herb Beds; we like red! OCT15

Rear Decked area OCT15, spot the Master Designer relaxing

Spring is here Sep15 Rear Path

Front Bird Bath OCT15

Entrance to rear Lawn

Front garden Old Beach Lantern Gallery JUN19

NOV14 Rose To Be Advised

NOV14 Rose To Be Advised

Selection of Roses from Garden NOV14 Thanks for Viewing Feel Free to comment & watch for updates Old Beach Crew

🤩Latest update 10th Jun19
It snowed @Old Beach on 3rd Aug15

Enjoy the photos around Home @Old Beach TAS 😲

😎 In progress through the 4 seasons

Linda 31.10.2015 22:38

Hi Peta, Peter and Stephanie. The garden looks sensational. Love the lighting and the new seat! It is a credit to all your hard work. x

John Gliddon 31.10.2015 15:59

Looks really nice, mate. Too bad you're not over here, I would love you to 'scape our yard. All the best.

johnb 24.07.2015 04:40

Real nice Pete.

Jan van Mechelen 29.11.2014 13:15

Beautiful! My wife also likes it a lot! Jan

Ingeborg Fruehholz 24.11.2014 01:45

hi Pete and Stephanie. thanks for the beautiful Pictures of your Garden. you sure put lots of work into it. xoxo mutti and Fred.

Linda 23.09.2014 01:36

Hi there Pete and Steph,
Loved your photos. A true reflection of your beautiful garden and all the planning and effort it has taken to be so magnificent!

Meredith 23.09.2014 01:19

Paradise ! Why would you ever go on holiday ?

June Grubb 23.09.2014 01:12

Stunning, well done such a lot of work

Pete 23.09.2014 11:48

Thanks June & you are both welcome to visit one day.
Catch up soon PnS

lots of Love mutti. 22.09.2014 23:58

hello Pete Stephanie and Peta. thank you for the lovely Garden. it looks just Glorious. you must have done lots and lots of Work. i think you would get a Price

Pete 23.09.2014 11:50

Danke Mutti
We have werked sehr hardt but fun mostly.

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Latest comments

01.01 | 05:33

Thanks Cilla & her slave Annie. Cat enclosures have many benefits.

01.01 | 03:45

Cilla & her slave are really happy with our new fully enclosed yard. It's robust, finished with great attention to detail & looks great. Many thanks, Pete!

06.07 | 22:59

We are so happy with the converted courtyard, and our three fur babies are just delighted to get an outdoor playground that they can access whenever they like. Pete with his attention to detail, really considering what the cats would enjoy when designing

21.05 | 10:22

excellent photos must call you in sometime & fix my garden