PWSC Muskin Built Enclosure

Cat netting over raspberry enclosure. Note was repaired after tree branch fell on it but held proving strength of cat netting. Visit Morris & see what his owner says:

Info on Happy Safe Secure Cats Ref Sunday Tasmanian May18

cat netting entire rear yard using support poles; platforms & fottress gate

Pet Mesh extension built at back of house with entrance gate & viewing platforms. Note Metal Pet Mesh used but there other options now.

Large semi Enclosed Yard using 2 Fortress Gates; Large L Shaped Zipper (low use access to front) with poles for viewing platforms. MAR18

Rear part yard using L zipper including fence repairs & lattice extension. Note small portable enclosure from catnets. Jan17

Designed to enclose rear porch for both show dogs & some extra freedom for inside cats. Rear large porch enclosed using Bistro Blinds; Fotress double gates with slats & catnetting on exposed areas. Apr17

Oscillot Cat Containment on Unit Courtyard see: Note this happy owner used both cat netting & oscillot to keep their cats in & stop pictured visitor.

Side yard enclosed using current gate & extra Fotress gate / Lattice & fence extensions to raise height of cat netting. Lattice used to fill in side of gate to stop escapees.

Side yard along brick wall under a garage carport framed with cat netting & Fortress gate. Note front yard has Oscillot instead of cat netting. Under garage above this cat netting is a refurbished weather proof hideaway.

Side yard enclosed cat netting with runs to get that sun.

On top of colorbond fence; no jumping platforms ie trees etc Oscillot Containment systems see: Note very determined cats will try to clear corner areas which should have another barrier.

Rear porch backing onto Forest reserve; cat netting framed with entrance from sliding glass doors with glass pet door insert.

Large cat enclosure roof to top of fence; lattice one side other lattice & fortress gate. Running & viewing platforms.

Backyard access Lattice plus Fortress gate making secure area for much loved muskins. Note cat netting nearly invisible at night LOW VIS.

Angled sloping cat enclosure using cat netting & safe viewing platform.

Indoor Cats enjoying outside freedom close to nature on a side sloping yard.

Small unit allowing Conor the active muskin to roam outside easily; cat netting used over entire pergola & clothes line. Note low use zipper sewn in for side exit.

Oscillot Containment systems see: Note quite low for oscillot but depends on cat's nature & no escapees here.

These loved cats wanted to make sure their slave had dinner ready!

Platforms Runs & custom made rope scratching pole.

Raspberry cat netting area with resized gate. Visit Morris & see what his owner says:

Rear yard enclosed from a pet dog using large L Shaped zipper.

Now its time for Mr & Ms Maine Coon to play. Two gates with angled lattice on side of house with cat netting over top.

Pet friendly spikes to alleviate roof runners. Note Low Vis cat Netting to left of spikes.

Enclosure side of Unit NOV17. Access via L Zipper both sides. Note this side was latticed off as determined naughty large pet dog broke through. Extra strong Cat Netting available as an option.

Enclosure built around side of unit. Access via sliding window & using L zippers for slaves. NOV17

Rear Porch semi enclosed. Optional zipper not used. DEC16

Back Pergola Safe Sunny Secure exit entry area for Rosie & Gillie. Note fortress gate for easy slave access & perspex window with new cat flap installed on side (not visible).

Tower supports for raised cat netting; jumping viewing platforms APR18

Cat netting over Rear Courtyard APR18 Blackmans Bay. Note near invisible & being inspected by one of 4 happier muskins (maybe not this one checking escape routes?)

Cat netting over Courtyard above clothes line & Umbrella APR18. Note near Invisible Low Vis

Cat netting over entire Courtyard near invisible APR18

5 star Luxury. Area under steps built for sunning area & private cat area. Note perspex windows for weather protection & extra warmth. Cat Net Hammock when the going gets tough. Cat approval given by residents.

Kingston Rear Unit Porch. L Zipper used for entry exit. Cat Netting over entire pergola (no covering). Used by indoor cat as required.

Front Porch to Fence Closed off with Fottress gate for heavy use. Note Double latched for easier entry & exit. Jun18

Large Rear yard enclosed using support poles to raise Low Vis Cat netting above Head Height & above small apple tree. Jun18

Lattice with poles used to split large rear yard with Fottress gate on Shed. Jun18

Large rear yard fully enclosed. Lots of space for young cats to play & feel safe. Jun18

Use of Garden Shed with Fottress gate double latched for easier entry exit. Jun18

Small side of unit cat netted with one entrance with Fortress gate. Cat air runs plus mini viewing platform installed. Kingston area SEP16

Side yard of Unit extra security closing off with doubled latched gate. DEC18

Rear side yard cat netted from roof line to top of fence. DEC18

Part yard closed off using Fortress gate doubled latched & lattice. Netting through a small tree. DEC18

The Boys Breakout Benny & Bjornie checking out new fun tower. DEC18

The boys fun tower Benny & Bjornie DEC18

Rear Porch Veranda area using catnetting only including on double latched Fortress gate. DEC18

Cat Netting on Rear Porch including Fortress gate (double latched). DEC18

Bruny Island JAN19 using Cat Window Sliding Insert see:

Bruny Island JAN19 Extension built onto enclosed rear Courtyard allowing Buddy warm sun & private time.

Bruny Island JAN19 Small narrow exposed area covered with Low Vis Cat Netting See Buddy's Story

Side Yard with Platforms & access via Sliding Window insert (easily removed & reused) Mar19

Extra area built on side of house to allow Polly & Friend to enjoy safe secure sunshine. Double latched Fortress gate. Mar 19

Extra side area for Sunny Secure & Viewing area. Mar19

Polly viewing her safe secure fun enclosure Howrah Mar19

Enclosure built rear of house with access L Zipper. Kingston APR19

Enclosure L Zipper access; Climbing Viewing Platform. Under Decking protected from weather. Access via Glass Pet Door via own mini sunning deck. Kingston Apr19

Cat enclosure built for 2 special tabby cats Kingston APR19

The shy boys, Tex & Eddie's new custom fun enclosure. Using part of rear sloping yard, L Zipper & Platform. Lenah Valley May19

Rear Garden for the boys Tex (sunning) & Eddie with viewing climbing platform. Note near invisible netting especially at night. Lenah Valley May19

Tex & Eddie's Playground JUL19

Lucy & Cooper enjoying some winter sun. West Hobart Jul19

Lucy's new pad West Hobart JUL19 Note 2 Types of Cat Netting used over rear Steps

Part Rear Yard covered with fun Tower & Cat Netting Premium on Right for extra protection. West Hobart JUL19

Part Yard covered with LOW Vis Cat Netting with Fortress gate. Note extra strength Premium Netting used near rear door & to left of double latched gate. West Hobart Jul19

Nina's new secure area Glenorchy JUL19

Rear secure area for Nina @Glenorchy JUL19. Access to Shed via Fortress Gate & Nina via rear bedroom Window Patio Insert.

Scoobie's Retirement castle Front porch part closed off with L Zipper leading onto Free Standing Enclosure. Bruny Island AUG19

Scoobie's Retirement Castle Bruny Island AUG19 using part front porch & Premium CatNets Free Standing Enclosure

New Kittens Arlo & Owen with Billie Jean new extension Using Custom made steel Poles & L zipper for Porch access & Sliding door for 3 Happy cats New Norfolk AUG19

Owen & Arlo love their new viewing play pad New Norfolk AUG19

Porch area closed off using two custom made poles, tensioned wire pole & premium L shaped Zipper for access. New Norfolk AUG19

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For Tassie Cats Tips for all slaves:

At home with cats

‘At Home with Cats’ is the ‘how to’ of cat containment.

The below three videos guide you through why and how to create a stimulating and healthy environment to best suit your individual home and cat.

How to Transition your cat to life at home

Bruny Island Buddy's Story

June 12, 2019 4:13pm

the mercury Tasmania

Feral cats caught attacking endangered Leadbeater possums

FINES of up to $1700 will be dished out to Bruny Island cat owners if they are unable to restrain their felines at all times from July 1.

The new laws, adopted by the Kingborough Council requires cat owners to secure their pet in public places and not allow it to wander onto another person’s property. A failure to do so will cost them up to $1680.

MORE: The Tasmanian-first by-law was prompted by problems with feral cats affecting the native wildlife on the island.

According to council estimates, about 2000 strays currently roam the island.

Under the new laws, residents will also not be able to keep more than two cats older than six months without a permit or risk being fined $840.

The new by-law was prompted by problems with feral cats affecting the native wildlife on Bruny Island.

Cats would also be prevented from creating a nuisance, such as attacking, biting, menacing or harassing another person or animal, or creating persistent loud noises under the by-law.

Councillor Paula, a feline lover herself, said the new rules would help stop cats being neglected and becoming feral.

Other measures in the by-law that would see owners fined $840 if they don’t comply include:

DISPOSING of cat poo left in a public place or another person’s property.

REGISTERING cats with the council.

NOTIFYING the council of a cat’s death, loss or change of owner within 14 days.

MICROCHIPPING of cats older than six months.

DESEXING of cats older than six months.

BANS on feeding feral cats.

Cr PaulaW said if successful she hoped the laws could be rolled out in the rest of Kingborough and possibly throughout the state.

She said council had done a lot of work over the past four years to develop the laws.

“Bruny Island was selected due to problems with significant numbers of feral cats causing problems to wildlife,” she said.

“In order to try and implement this council built a cat holding facility at Alonnah where we can hold cats until their owner can come and get them or they’re identified as feral.”

Cr PaulaW said the council would work with the Bruny community to help them learn how to contain their cats.

Updated 3AUG20

Pete 17.12.2019 04:08

Hi cat slaves. Pete here & if you need advice and or contact please feel free to contact me via the Contact Page.

Happy Bruny Island Cat Owners 04.01.2019 13:24

Buddy is happy with his new home and we will post photos when its all done....
You have done a great job...everything is so neat and tidy and its good when we go away because we know Buddy is safe.. Thanks again

Anne 16.12.2018 06:13

Thank you so much Pete for the best cat enclosure you did for me plus the other handyman jobs you were happy to do. It's great quality and cats adjusting well.

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01.01 | 05:33

Thanks Cilla & her slave Annie. Cat enclosures have many benefits.

01.01 | 03:45

Cilla & her slave are really happy with our new fully enclosed yard. It's robust, finished with great attention to detail & looks great. Many thanks, Pete!

06.07 | 22:59

We are so happy with the converted courtyard, and our three fur babies are just delighted to get an outdoor playground that they can access whenever they like. Pete with his attention to detail, really considering what the cats would enjoy when designing

21.05 | 10:22

excellent photos must call you in sometime & fix my garden