Cat Netting enclosing side of Unit with Lattice & L Shaped access to Front Yard New Norfolk SEP19

Francois & Charlie ready to move into their new secure sunny safe home. New Norfolk AUG19

Side Unit Closed off New Norfolk AUG19

Bailey enjoying loving his first time out. Glenorchy SEP19

Rear Unit L shaped yard with raised support fun tower for Bailey enjoying his new freedom after being an indoors cat. Glenorchy SEP19

L shaped Zipper side access. Glenorchy SEP19

Glenorchy SEP19 side yard enclosed.

Premium L Zipper to enclose small area for Luffy & Sweetie inc 1.5M Cat tower. Lutana NOV19

Sweetie enjoying new semi Covered AirWalk Lutana NOV19

Double Large Dual Purpose Cat (Eliza plus lucky new friend). Glenorchy NOV19

Eliza's retirement extended run. Glenorchy NOV19

Eliza's plus new lucky friend Extended Cat Run including fun tower Glenorchy NOV19

Free Standing Tunnel above head height 2M (not attached to new cladding) to Extended Cat & Chook Run GLENORCHY NOV19

Cat door installed in glass (by Glazier) leading onto Cat Run above head height freestanding (not attached to house) to extended Cat Chook Run GLENORCHY NOV19

Okee Testing out this new Fun Secure Tunnel Enclosure Glenorchy NOV19

Rear Cat Haven for Tommy Molly & Teddy (British Blues). Note entire Area cat netted but near invisible. BELLERIVE NOV19

Rear Porch fully enclosed with LOW VIS Black Catnetting. Customer installed Cage already there & now with extension for 3 British Blues. BELLERIVE NOV19

Claude's Viewing Outdoor Cat Haven Sandy Bay JAN20

Minnie's new pad. Side of house completely netted with Wall L Zipper access. High Platform with ramp Geilston Bay Feb20

Side House netted off. Minnie's Pad Geilston Bay FEB20

Minnie's new pad. Side of house completely netted with Wall L Zipper access. High Platform with ramp Geilston Bay Feb20

Mitten & Tiddles new night time viweing area. Extension built on side of house. Acton Park Mar20

Enclosure Extension using Poles & L Zipper Acton Park Mar20

Macey's Haven Tranmere May20

Macey's Garden protection patch Tranmere May20.

Dual entry using Wall Net L Zipper & smaller near house framed L Zipper. Note larger wall L Zippers are usually designed for human entry. Tranmere May20

Macey's Outdoor Cat Haven Tranmere May20

Macey trying out high platform to keep a watch on those birds, neighbours dog & a an exercise run to her own Outdoor Cat Haven. Tranmere May20

Ms Elke here. Thanks for viewing my slaves work.

Enclosures from May19 to May20

Steven 04.09.2019 11:08

This is our enclosure. Extremely happy with Pete's work. Highly recommend his services. The cats will be so happy.

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Latest comments

01.01 | 05:33

Thanks Cilla & her slave Annie. Cat enclosures have many benefits.

01.01 | 03:45

Cilla & her slave are really happy with our new fully enclosed yard. It's robust, finished with great attention to detail & looks great. Many thanks, Pete!

06.07 | 22:59

We are so happy with the converted courtyard, and our three fur babies are just delighted to get an outdoor playground that they can access whenever they like. Pete with his attention to detail, really considering what the cats would enjoy when designing

21.05 | 10:22

excellent photos must call you in sometime & fix my garden