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Please feel welcome to write your tributes for our much loved Wife, Mutti, Oma, Sister, Aunt & friend to many. Ingeborg passed too early peacefully in her sleep 10th January 2022. Any special memories that you wish to share are most welcome. Please include your relationship (First name & Surname Initial with my Mutti Ingeborg but exclude any of your private info ie Surname Address email). I can edit if required. Limit for posts in the guestbook is 1000 characters —which is around 20 lines of text. Feel welcome post 2nd Tribute. Link re Service details see:!AhwMCDefy18ox1V5oXb25Vg5S2-3 38mins 3.3GB Please contact me a USB Copy to be emailed with Photos &Tributes which will be sent to all family & friends both soft & hard copy. Thanks for viewing & sending your loving thoughts to Ingeborg a much loved Mutti during this service 1st Feb22
Written by derek on 20. Jan, 2022
Gympie - July 2019

Written by derek on 20. Jan, 2022
Derek (Nephew and Godson)..To my gorgeous GodMum. Always the greatest of fond memories of you and Uncle Fred. Everytime I got to see you both, i was excited and happy to see you. You were always happy ,smiling , thoughtful , loving and spoiling me at every opportunity with unconditional love and gifts. A beautiful person inside and out and always my 2nd Mum more than my Aunty...Everytime we got to talk you asked me to look after your sister(my Mum) Kitty. I shall do my utmost to continue your wishes. I am at a loss for words at this time, its not been easy but just know - I will always love you, miss you and think great memories of you. Much love from your GodSon and I will see you again soon, Mum.

Written by Gloria Page 1 on 19. Jan, 2022
Auntie , I loved our chats and conversations. I remember as a little girl going to Ballarat to see my other Aunt Maria and cousins. We were all celebrating New year and all the adults were sitting around talking to each other Well you were having none of that , so you got every body up , dancing, singing and laughing. We all joined in and had the greatest of parties. You loved having fun and as long as I have known you , you loved to laugh. You had a hard life and tough upbringing but nothing ever dampened your spirit, tenacity and zest for life. You were the mentally strong one of the Steinbusch family. Raised a son on your own and worked long and hard hours to ensure that Peter and yourself had everything that was needed.  You had strong beliefs, opinions and character.  Your Niece Gloria Page 2

Written by Gloria Page 2 on 19. Jan, 2022
Once you set your course, you never faltered to achieve your goals. You were dogged and headstrong, until you met the love of your life, Fred. Since then you have been happy, contented and even mellowed over the years, but you never lost your sense of humour, laughter or spirit. Don’t worry about Fred, he is a good uncle and all of us will keep an eye on him for you.  Last time we spoke you asked how my mum was and I said she is like you , always thinking of others before thinking of yourself.  You were annoyed about the NBN and how Telstra hadn’t fixed the phones. Well, nothing has changed , however that is fight for us to pursue and hopefully resolve.  Rest in peace Auntie , I love and miss you Your Niece Gloria

Written by Kitty J on 19. Jan, 2022
Inge and I were always close family. Though our elder brother and sister were living with us, they were ten years older than me. We played together and went to school together . When we were young, we saw very little of our family. During the war, our mother has us moved to other homes and places as it was better for us kinder to be with families that were better off than us.
I remember that I was upset and didn’t want to go and leave our family. Luckily Inge was just up the road with another family and I used to see her outside the window waving to me.  Knowing Inge was close certainly settled me. She was the ‘light of my life’ a true sister and friend and most certainly , my saviour. Those memories are very vivid. In later years we always would see each other, we came and lived in Australia and continued a close bond.  In recent years we didn’t see much of each other , but we always kept in contact by phone, text or email. I miss you big sister, I miss you very much. Kitty your Sister

Written by Stephanie on 17. Jan, 2022
Stephanie, daughter in law.
To you Mutti, I call you by this name because I remember how delighted you were when I first used it. When I think of you, I think of how fiercely proud you always are of your son, and rightly so! You already know that I think you did a brilliant job raising him. I have always been impressed by your sense of humour and your instant joy whenever you saw or heard from us. I thank you for your acceptance of me and mine into the family. I have also been impressed by your intelligence - I remember when you tried to think of the correct English word for your ideas and I endeavoured to help by suggesting the simplest words I could, but no , you found the word you needed and it astounded me because of its complexity! Silly me, thinking you needed simple English! I have fondly adopted some of your expressions, complete with accent of course. I will miss you and promise to take care of dein Sohn for you. Love always Stephanie.

Written by Aleceia G on 16. Jan, 2022
Inge’s loving family

Written by Aleceia G on 16. Jan, 2022
Inge and her beloved Fred

Written by Aleceia G on 16. Jan, 2022
Photos of Inge’s sisters, mother and step father

Written by Aleceia Gason on 16. Jan, 2022
My Darling Aunty Inge. You have brighten all of our lives with your beautiful infectious laugh and zest for life. Your favourite yellow roses always remind me of your sunny, bright and bubbly personality. I’ve been fortunate to visit all of your homes in this country from Yorkey’s,Gympie to the Laundromat (yes I remember it!) and have also felt your warmth and love in being your Great Niece. Please give my darling Mum, Heidi, My Oma, Maria and My Grandpa, old Mike, one of your huge hugs for us up there. We will miss you terribly but please know you will always be in all our thoughts.
Aleceia G


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